Tom Week - Visiting Insane

1/28/21 – Insane Work Done

It’s still raining. We are all stuck inside. I did however get an insane amount of work done on my latest animation. Unfortunately, the characters aren’t cooperating and have started rewriting the story. I hate when that happens.

1/29/21 – Oil Change

I finally got around to getting the oil changed on the RV. I have no idea how long it’s been because the little sticker telling me when my next change was due was on the cracked windshield that got replaced. They didn’t give me a new sticker, so everyone remind me to change the oil again when I get to 44,000 miles.

It barely rained today. It might not rain at all tomorrow. Yee Haw!

1/30/21 – Mirrors

I’m doing an animation that involves mirrors. You’d think someone my age would understand how mirrors work. The problem is, in most movies or TV shows, when someone looks in a mirror, they are not actually looking at themselves. They are look at the reflection of the camera lens. So when my character looks at his own reflection, it looks odd to me.

1/31/21 – A New Me

That last day of the month is grooming day in the big yellow truck. Showers for all, even Abigail. Pat cut my hair with the dog clippers. Looks great. It’s not that short hair makes me look younger, it’s just that long straggly hair makes me look older.

I managed 150 miles on my bike this month, which is what I need to average per month to reach my goal of 1,800 miles for the year.

I had to re-render the first four shots for my latest animation. The characters were moving to fast. According to my calculations they were walking at 8 miles per hour. That’s a bit fast for a studio apartment.

2/1/21 – One Month

Tonya’s surgery is scheduled for Mar 1. We nearly got in for next Monday, but it’s too close to get all the tests done in time. Getting an actual date is making me feel relieved and stressed at the same time.

2/2/21 – Ground Hog Day

I did not see my shadows today. I spent the day working on my new animation. Got tons of work done. My goal is to post it on Friday. Not sure I’m going to make it.

2/3/21 – The Moss Has Landed

We are in Moss Landing. There is a giant rusty motorcycle down the street and the sea gulls and sea lions are noising in the slough. All is right again.