Tom Week - Truck It

rental truck

9/2/21 – Progress
Today Ann helped me make an appointment to get the RV’s brakes fixed. It’s at a dinky little shop up route 20, but the guy seems to know what he’s doing.

9/3/21 – No Truck
Ann had reserved a Home Depot truck. Went there at 10:30. No truck. Then she reserved a U-Haul. Turns out they didn’t have a truck either. She’s reserved a Penske truck for tomorrow. PLEASE HAVE A TRUCK!

9/4/21 – Truck
Ann got a truck! We managed to get one load of stuff to Brimfield. More tomorrow.

9/5/21 – Another Truckload
I’m getting the hang of this labor stuff.

9/6/21 – Last Truckload
Everything is in Brimfield, for now. Apparently nothing is final when deciding what must be sold. Anyway, good luck Ann. I hope you sell it all.

Now, back to writing.

9/7/21 – No Truckload
No moving stuff today. I returned one rental car at noon. Picked the other up a two. Got a very short bike ride in.

9/8/21 – Little Truckload
Used the rental SUV to bring a few things to Ann in Brimfield and return with some empty boxes. I wonder if there’s a career in moving just empty boxes. They’re easy.

Today I got a spam phone call. The recording was speaking Mandarin but the phone number was from France.