Tom Week - To Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain

6/10/21 – Duck! Low Bridge!

Chattanooga is not the place to drive a tall vehicle when the highways are clogged. Very few of the underpasses were tall enough for the RV. One bridge was less than 7 feet. That’s nasty!

Were are actually in Georgia, camped in a civil war battlefield, on the side of a hill so steep that our levelers are maxed out and creaking. If the rain doesn’t let up we’ll be sliding down the hill tonight.

6/11/21 – The Cowards

There is a race track a mere 2.4 miles away. They usually run on Friday nights, but not tonight. There weatherman said there is a chance of lightning this evening. The Cowards.

There are some good bike lanes here, but like Nashville, they come and go at the worst times.

6/12/21 – Waiting Again

Walgreens has once again screwed up sending Pat’s meds. The package is in Chattanooga but FedEx doesn’t deliver certain kinds of packages on Saturdays. We had the package held at the FedEx place which does have pickup on Saturdays. 

Then we sat here all day waiting for the package to become available for pickup. Now we get to go pick it up on Monday. If Walgreens didn’t screw up it would have been delivered here on Thursday. This is not the first time they’ve screwed up.

6/13/21 – The Spider Trail

I found a great series of bike trails on the Tennessee side. This was my longest ride since the accident. I’m slowly getting there.

6/14/21 – Atlanta Drivers

They aren’t the worst in the country, but they’re close. Third place at least. Only New Jersey and West Virginia are worse.

We’re in Stone Mountain Park. Stone Mountain is the best-named mountain ever. 

6/15/21 – Climbing The Mountain

I did not intend to climb the mountain. I just wanted a bike ride. Then came the hills. I kept assuming that the hills would eventually stop. They didn’t. 689 feet of climbing over 8 miles. I’m exhausted.

This morning I made a doctor’s appointment, and I got my prescriptions refilled through Teladoc. My blood sugar is getting dangerously high. I need help.

6/16/21 – Wandering Roads

The back roads of Georgia are a nightmare. Out in the country they are fine, but when you get into the towns they lose all consistency. It’s amazing how many of these roads take unmarked 90 degree turns. Also, the signs often only mention what the state considers the “main” highway.

I picked up my meds this morning. I’m now doing MUCH better blood-sugar-wise.