Tom Week - Time Zoning


12/23/21 – The Gulf

In how many RV Parks do you sit in your RV and watch the dolphins swim by? This is one of the few. It’s a very friendly park. I’ve talked to all the surrounding neighbors and Spencer has met four dogs and a cat. We’ve only been here three hours.

12/24/21 – Florida Man Land

I went for a bike ride today and wound up in Tate’s Hell State Forest. Soon after I crossed The Crooked River. Then I saw a man in his yard shooting at paper targets with a shot gun. He had to change targets after every shot. I thought the reason for shot guns was to avoid the need for aiming.

12/25/21 – Merry Christmas

On today’s bike ride I went past the Bottle House. A house, though closer to a shed, with walls made of bottles. Funky, but not a practical solution.

We leave Ho-Hum tomorrow. I’m going to miss it.

12/26/21 – Raccoon Reunion

It was a little sad leaving Ho-Hum. We’re still near the gulf, but not ON the gulf. Though the previous occupants of our new space at Raccoon River left behind a little American flag and a light that shines a spider web on the ground.

12/27/21 – Better Weather

It’s been up and down lately. We’ve gone from below freezing at night to the 80’s during the day. Now the rain is on the way, and after the rain, another cold spell. Florida is not living up to its potential.

12/28/21 – Road Rage

I was riding my bike today and there was way much traffic. Fortunately, I had the bike lane to myself. Several people got quite pissed that I kept passing them at intersections. One big white pickup truck kept inching into the bike lane to try to intimidate me. Hilarious. 

12/29/21 – Time Again

After three days in central time we are back in eastern time. I have enough trouble remembering what day it is, now my time of day sense is all messed up. It’s still 2021. right?