Tom Week - Time Change Again


5/ 20 /21 – Slow Day in Albuquerque

Not too hot. Not too cold. No ambition. Body confused by the time change.

5/21/21 – The Road To Tucumcari

Take that spell-check! This is a nice park that looks like it’s in the midwest.

I bought two spare cases of water today because we are about to enter Ozarka territory. It has always been the worst-tasting water in my opinion, but was recently recalled because it had too much arsenic, asbestos and cyanide in it. No thanks.

So, don’t stay at the KOA in Albuquerque. We were there two nights and heard gun shots both nights. Not fun.

5/22/21 – Tornado Watch in New Mexico?

Then the clouds turned ugly. Just as I was putting away all the blowable things outside the TV flashed the Tornado Watch. Just a watch, not a warning, but the storms were on their way.

Oddly, it was very nice most of the day. I slept late, but managed to get some animation done before lunch. After I lunch I went for a very short bike ride. It was my first since the crash. Surprisingly, the bike rode fine.

On the ride I got chased by a pack of dogs, twice. That’s what happens when you go down a dead-end road.

5/2 3 /21 – Another State, Another Time, Another Storm

So now we’re in Texas, in the central time zone, and there is a severe thunderstorm watch for Amarillo. 130 miles of driving and nothing has changed.

Actually, two of our neighbors from Tucumcari are also here in Amarillo. Weird. This is the park with what we suspect is a morgue.

5/2 4 /21 – Too Many Winds

Too much wind today. I couldn’t ride my bike. It’s frustrating. Last time I was here in Amarillo I did a 17 mile ride. My current riding goal is 3 miles. I know, recovery takes time.

Spent most of the day today planning the trip to Florida to go see my doctor. It’s tricky. I’m trying to avoid states with really bad covid outbreaks, and no mask rules. Plus, dealing with spring weather. Fun.

5/25/21 – WAKE UP

Bad winds last night. The night started off calm, but got wild in the wee hours. Didn’t sleep much.

I did a five mile bike ride today. Half of that was straight into the wind. Exhausting.

More thunderstorms tonight. Off to Oklahoma tomorrow. Maybe the weather is better there.

5/26/21 – Hamburger Farms

Don’t take highway 152 east of Amarillo unless you like the sights and smells of hamburger farms. I do not and will never go that way again.

We are in Sayre Oklahoma, spending two days waiting till we move to Calumet Oklahoma, which is the nicest park I could find that had space for the Memorial Day Weekend. Sayre has no cable TV, or even over-the-air TV, and the WIFI is spotty. It is however very quiet and dark, so sleep should come easy.