Tom Week - The Kids

3/4/21 – Visiting With The Kids

Chester and Rachael stopped by. Good to see them again.

Unfortunately, I got very sick. My blood sugar topped-off at 399 and my temperature was 101.

3/5/21 – Feeling better in Coalinga

It was 75 degrees today. Nice! Still sick but the blood sugar is down to just too high, not dangerously high. My temperature comes and goes. Right now I’m sweating profusely. Such fun.

3/6/21 – Lots of Naps

My fever and blood sugar are slowly going down. I’m sweating a bunch, but feeling better.

3/7/21 – Feeling Better in Barstow

The illness is fading. The fever seems all gone. The blood sugar is still high, but down to able-to-function levels.

3/8/21 – Staying The Same

Didn’t sleep last night. I was up half the night fixing problems with my website. Then I was too wired to sleep. I’m not drinking enough water, though I am eating well. Too windy and too tired to ride my bike today. When Barstow has wind, Barstow HAS WIND.

3/9/21 – I Love My Pancreas

After lunch today it kicked in and gave me some insulin. My blood sugar dropped down into my normal range today. I feel much better now.

Desert Hot Springs also HAS WIND.

3/10/20 – Snow In Desert Hot Springs

Yes. Were are in a town called Desert Hot Springs and today we watched it snow. Yes, the snow was on top of the nearby mountains, but it’s still weird. The pancreas is still working correctly. Thanks.