Tom Week - The Horses Of Fall


8/12/21 – It’s Not Fall
Yes, I saw some leaves on the ground. Yes, there is a Patriots game on TV tonight. Yes, Walmart is putting up Halloween decorations. But, it’s only August and it’s 90 degrees. It’s not Fall!

8/13/21 – Off To The Races
Went to Seekonk Speedway. Good racing but many kids running around. Felt a bit lonely being there all by myself. An unusual feeling for me. I’m usually a loner.

On the drive there the rental car got hit by a rock and there is a big chip in the windshield. Bummer.

8/14/21 – Worst Goodwill
The Worcester Goodwill is terrible, at least book-wise. They have no paperbacks at all! That’s just wrong. Next stop, Salvation Army.

8/15/21 – Cow Beer Day
For my niece Carolyn’s birthday many of the family gathered at a brewery in the middle of nowhere at a farm with goats and a camel. Got to compare therapy notes with several family members. We are one.

8/16/21 – Bike Ride
Had a nice bike ride this morning. Just 7 miles, but 400 feet of climbing. A good workout. Then I got to research insurance and how to pay for the chip in the rental car windshield. Several people suggested that I don’t mention it when I return it, but I don’t work that way.

8/17/21 – Unrequited Stress
I took the rental car back today. The one with the chipped windshield. I must admit I lost some sleep over this. What was it going to cost me? How mad at me would they be? NONE. None mad it me. The woman actually said, “Are you OK?” 

Turns out that chipped windshields happen all the time and it only costs $250 to fix and that should be covered under my credit card. Turns out that I’m the only one concerned about this.

8/18/21 – The eyes have it
Took Pat to the optometrist today. It went well. Apparently he actually listened to her and cared about her vision. Weird.