Tom Week - The Heat

las vegas heat

5/6/21 – Leaving California

It’s weird. Here in Barstow there are no local TV stations so instead we get the Los Angeles stations. The weather report was surprising. It’s 40 degrees warmer here than it is in L.A.

This is our last full day in California. Tomorrow morning we’re off to Nevada. Las Vegas. Sin City.

5/7/21 – Viva Las Vegas

We return to the land of glitter and spice and not so much nice. We’re staying at the RV Park at Sam’s Town, which is pretty much the most white trash casino. It’s just a gravel parking lot with hookups and a laundromat. It’s nowhere near the strip or downtown, but it’s on all the bus lines to both.

We had lunch at Smashburger, which I usually love, but this one was terrible. Too much salt.

Tomorrow a cold wave is going to hit, so the highs will only be in the 80’s. Brrr!

5/8/21 – Got The Shot

I’m all shot-up.

We had to buy ice today to put in the fridge to help it a fighting chance against the heat.

5/9/21 – Sick Day

I woke up very sick this morning. It got worse as the day went on. High fever, stomach cramps, dizziness, aching muscles, not fun. I’m feeling better this evening. Looking forward to feeling better tomorrow. Always, looking towards tomorrow.

I’m half glad that I got sick. It means I don’t have to worry if I’m going to get sick or not.

5/10/21 – Slowly Better

I mostly slept last night. I’m not nearly as dizzy. Much less pain.

5/11/21 – Sunrise, Sunset

We are technically in Sunrise, NV. We used to live in the SF neighborhood, The Sunset. So, after a couple years of wandering we’ve fulfilled our musical RV commitment.

I’m feeling better today. Soon I will no longer feel the need to say that.

I’m feeling well enough that I thought of venturing out this evening, but everything I wanted to do is either shut due to covid or closed on Tuesdays.

5/12/21 – Effective Insomnia

Didn’t sleep at all last night, but today I’ve done some research and think I finally have some insight into my insomnia. I found a website that doesn’t just repeat what every other site spews.

The thing is, I know all the relaxation techniques, they just don’t work for me. What I learned today is that people who over-analyze things aren’t good at these techniques. We are constantly trying to gauge if it’s working or not, which ruins any possible success.

So, I need to work on distracting myself from trying to get to sleep. I do this by watching movies, but there is a very narrow interest level. It has to be interesting enough to keep my mind from wandering, but not too interesting or it will keep me awake. Like last night, I watched Roger Corman’s BUCKET OF BLOOD. Way too stimulating.

I also read an article about resolving anxiety BEFORE going to bed. I’ve spent today identifying stress points and resolving them. We’ll see if it works tonight.