Tom Week - The Ambulance et al

4/8/21 – Do I Need An Ambulance?

I went for a bike ride, despite feeling the side-effects of the COVID shot. After about half a mile I started feeling great. Wound up riding 12.5 miles. It went well, at first.

I got to ride along the Oildale bluffs. A beautiful path along a canal at the bottom of some steep hills. It was packed with friendly squirrels and quick little lizards.

On the way back, a man I passed told me I was pretty like the birds. Then as I rode away he yelled a bunch of stuff in Spanish. It may have been a curse, because half an hour later I was laying unconscious on the ground.

It took a while to remember what happened. I needed to cross three lanes to get to the RV park. I didn’t hear any cars, but when I went to turn there was a car there. I swerved right in plenty of time, but I hit some soft sand and stupidly hit the brakes.

Fortunately, the first people on the scene were a police officer and a nurse. The ambulance driver asked me a bunch of questions, but I answered the to his satisfaction. The only sticking point was that my daughter is only three years younger than I am.

The nurse and her husband drove me and my bike to the RV park. Pat has taken great care of me. I’m still pulling gravel out of my bears.

My bike helmet is destroyed, but I am so glad that I spent the extra money on the anti-concussion version.

4/9/21 – Rearrangements And Pain

We were able to get two more days here at River Run, and after a series of phone calls we were able to move our future reservations back two days each.

So it turns out that I was supposed to be taking my pain pill every four hours, not eight. Important information.

4/10/21 – Stuck Again

OK, if you’re stuck someplace, this isn’t the worst. The people have been very nice and accommodating. We’re here till Friday at least. I hop to be able to drive by then. If not, they have a long-term space available for us through the end of the month.

The pain is spreading, but isn’t as sharp. I got about three hours of sleep last night. None the night before. I’m hoping for more tonight.

4/11/21 – Almost Went To The Doctor Today.

I was all set to go. I researched Urgent Care facilities. I looked up how to make an appointment. I installed the Uber app on my phone. I was ready. Then I read the details of the reviews. Turns out that Sunday is the one day you shouldn’t go. Tomorrow.

4/12/21 – Uber Day

I took Uber to my doctor’s appointment today. The driver’s name was Jose. I also took an Uber home. The driver’s name was also Jose.

Turns out my shoulder is fine, just some pulled muscles. However, my ribs are not bruised, they are broken. Doctor gave me some good pain killers. They make me head just a little fuzzy, but I’m still able to function.

I’m feeling better now because I know exactly what’s going on inside and have a clear path to recovery.

4/13/21 – Recovery Day

I got a good sleep last. Much less pain and much better mobility today. I have to be careful to not do too much.

I tried working on an animation today but the meds are not conducive to this kind of activity. Fortunately I have books to read and movies to watch.

4/14/21 – Settling In

Between my injuries and my meds we aren’t able to move so we are stuck here till May 1. By then I should be healed and clear-headed.