Tom Week - Sunny Days/Rainy Days


6/3/21 – Sunny Day

The first sunny day in a while. Rode my bike. Slightly more miles. Slightly more climbing. Feels good. I think my body is back to being OK with riding. I just need to get my head back in the game.

6/4/21 – Toad Suck Land

We drove through Toad Suck today. If you look up the origin of Toad Suck on Wikipedia, it lies to you. The real source of the name is boring and ordinary, so I won’t spoil the fun.

We are in North Little Rock for two days. Hopefully the rain holds off tomorrow because there are some nice-looking bike paths.

After here, who knows. I had a plan, but it’s not going to work. It’s amazing how many cities have no RV parks. I’ll try again tomorrow.

6/5/21 – Sad

I’m too sad to write right now.

6/6/21 – Graceland

We are at the Graceland RV park and you’re not. We’re right next to the “experience” building, across the street from the mansion. We are such the white trash tourists. Though, none of us will actually be going to Graceland. This is just the best park that had space in Memphis. Tomorrow I may go to Beale Street.

6/7/21 – No Souvenir Mondays

Went to buy Elvis junk for some friends and relatives, but there was none to be had. ALL the souvenir shops are closed on Monday and Tuesday. I even tried the Walgreens, which in most cities are good for low-cost junk, but the had nothing. According to the clerk, you can only sell Elvis junk if you work for Elvis (incorporated)

6/8/21 – If It’s Tuesday, This Isn’t Nashville.

Campgrounds aren’t always in the cities they’re named for. We are in The Nashville North KOA, which is actually in Goodlettsville. That’s three towns and 12 miles outside of Nashville.

One of the reasons I picked this park was that the road it’s on is a bike route. However, riding a bike on this road would be suicidal. Apparently Tennessee doesn’t like bikes.

6/9/21 – Dead Ends Again

Google Maps needs to get its act together. Yet again, I came to a dead end where maps shows that the road keeps going. How hard can this be?