Tom Week - South Enough

beans sign

12/2/21 – Palindromania!

We are in a funky little RV park in the shade of a Jackfruit Tree. Never believe there are no new adventures left.

12/3/21 – Bad Bike Noise

A couple days ago the bike mad an intermittent noise. I thought it was the pedals. Today the noise became constant. I took the pedals apart and there was nothing wrong with them. Then I noticed that the bottom bracket, the thing that connects the pedals, was very wobbly.

I looked up what it would take to fix it. Then I looked up what it would cost to replace it. Less than $20. Definitely the better way to go. Surprisingly, I have a standard size, and thanks to the evil overlords at Amazon, I’ll have a new one on Sunday.

12/4/21 – Dog Park With Amy

We met a dog named Amy at the dog park today. She really wanted to play with Spencer, but he wouldn’t join in. So Amy jumped on the bench and licked Tonya’s face.

12/5/21 – Down On The Farm

Hunsader Farm to be specific. It’s a campground at a real working farm. There are llamas! Tonight I stepped out to walk Spencer and smelled something I haven’t smelled in a long time. It was the cornfield. Weird Iowa nostalgia. 

12/6/21 – Bike Fixed

The new bottom bracket arrived today. I pulled the old one off and the bearings were TRASHED!  I’m surprised the pedals turned at all. The new bottom bracket is a sealed unit which should last much longer. It certainly turns much smoother.

The whole time I was working on the bike there were three cranes across the road watching me. As soon as I finished they flew away.

12/7/21 – Bike Ride!

The new bottom bracket works great. I had my highest average speed of the year. Apparently the old bracket has been going bad for a long time.

12/8/21 – Too Many Cars

We only traveled 60 miles today but there were cars and traffic lights the whole way. Fortunately, while the park is surrounded by strip mall land, the park itself is treeful and quiet.

Today in McDonalds a man commented on my Worcester Red Sox shirt. Turns out he’s from Pawtucket. He didn’t mind the team leaving though.