Tom Week - SC to GA

plastic birds

11/4/21 – South Carolina Cold?

The high for the next few days is in the 50’s. The lows will be in the 30’s. This is SOUTH Carolina! It’s so supposed to be all warm and cozy down here.

11/5/21 – Sitting Inside Today

Too cold to ride my bike. To clarify, it is not too cold to ride, it is too cold for ME to ride. I got a bunch of work done though. (School, Programming and Writing)

11/6/21 – Happy Birthday Tonya

She’s now 40 years past what the doctors predicted. She had pizza for supper and could not be happier.

We lost power this morning. Turns out it was the whole area and not just the campground. The eventually got it going again, but one electrical circuit in the RV did not come back on. As the voice of doom whispered in my ear a variety of horrible outcomes, I went online to research causes. Turns out it was one in-outlet breaker switch. I love the internet.

It’s still cold, but warmer than yesterday. In a couple days it will be in the 70’s. Yeah!

11/7/21 – Past Savannah

We are a bit south of Savannah GA. We’ve been here before. Good bike lanes.

It’s warmer today. Yeah.

Here at the KOA I took Spencer to the dog park. He met two dogs and he actually played. He was chasing the other dogs, wagging his tail like crazy. It’s so good to see him play like that.

11/8/21 – Slowly Warmer

Did a bunch of laundry today. On my bike ride today I saw; two swans, an egret, many vultures, an angry hawk and maybe an eagle. Plus, two plastic flamingos, but they don’t really count.

11/9/21 – The Stealth Fuddruckers

On my bike ride yesterday I noticed a Fuddruckers, one of my favs, at the truck stop up the road. Today I went online to order lunch there but the app couldn’t find it. The web site listed the location, but wouldn’t let me order.

So I went to the restaurant and ordered in person. Turns out they still let you do that in some places. It was all shiny and new there. It’s only been open a short while. They don’t have all the usual Fuddrucker specialties. Worst of all, no fresh bread! 

The steak was yummy though.

11/10/21 – Georgia TV

It’s frightening. There are more lawyer ads then all other types of ads combined. Some are for lawyers who can get you doctors to help your case. Some are ads by doctors who can find you lawyers to help your case. One guy is a lawyer and a doctor. In Georgia they’re cool with kick-backs.

The other disturbing thing is the guns in WalMart sitting on shelves, unlocked. Is this a good idea?