Tom Week - RV Suburbia

weird duck

12/16/21 – RV Suburbia

The transition from the rough-hewn Moonshine Acres to here, The Grand Lake RV & Golf Resort, was shocking. Instead of irregular spaces shoved between whatever trees were wide enough, we are sitting in a clear-cut field full of an RV grid. The golf cart count is overwhelming.

Why a golf resort? They are usually nice and surprisingly inexpensive. (The profit is in the golf, which we don’t play.)  We are in space 253 of just over 400. I didn’t know the place was this big.

12/17/21 – Wavers

These are not our people. As they drive past in their golf carts we share a wave. They do not wave back. Instead they stare at us like we are insane. 

Then one old guy waved. Then the woman on the bike waved and said hello to me. Then she waved at some golf carters. They did not wave back. Most of them are not our people, but we are not alone.

12/18/21 – Up Hill

Great bike ride today. I did 5 miles uphill and into the wind. Then I got to do five miles downhill with the wind. Zoomies!

12/19/21 – Welcome Back

“Welcome back Mr. Flanders.” Apparently we spend too much time in Starke. Though, on Spencer’s first walk I talked with 4 people. That’s two more than I talked to the whole time at the golf resort.

12/20/21 – Winter

We’ve quickly gone from the 80’s to the 50’s. Not fun.

Today, Spencer had the best walk there ever was. He got petted by three people and met seven dogs. What could be better?

12/21/21 – Winter Again

It rained all last night and all today. Got quite a bit of writing done though.

12/22/21 – Another Palindrome

My new bike brake calipers came today. They don’t fit. Apparently the brand of brake I bought doesn't believe in standard sizes. So now I have to buy adapters.