Tom Week - Road Trip!

bike on old bridge

9/23/21 – At Home Again
As much as we enjoyed staying at Ann and Jenn’s, sitting in this field in Connecticut feels like we are home again. Tonya is out in her rocking chair. Spencer is trying to figure out just what the hell is going on. I’m pretty sure this is his first house that moves.

9/24/21 – Rainy Morning
We woke up with a noticeable tilt to the right, having settled into the mud caused by the heavy rains. Nothing the levelers couldn’t handle though.

Being Friday, we no longer have the Safari Field to ourselves. It’s been a while but we got to watch our favorite game, HOW BAD ARE YOU AT BACKING UP. Some people with trailers back right in no problem. They’re boring. Others take over attempts. It’s hilarious.

9/25/21 – Rode To Rhode Island
Had my first bike ride in over two weeks. Bad weather, adjusting to Spencer and periods of forced labor kept me out of the saddle. I did nine miles going from the Mystic CT KOA, which is not in Mystic CT, to downtown Westerly Rhode Island, where the drivers are most courteous to cyclists.

Had Tonya walk Spencer this evening. She didn’t like his leash so next time we’ll use the retractable one.

9/26/21 – Narragansett, Not The Beer
When checking in at the park they asked to see my vehicle registration. This has never happened before. The woman assured me that every park in the country asks for the registration. The man behind me assured her that they do not.

There is much nostalgia here. I may need to go ride the rip tide at Scarborough Beach tomorrow. Or at least go by on my bike.

9/27/21 – Windswept
There are memories floating on the cold wind, sad nostalgia under the sun. Rode past the last place I bought Dad the fried clams he wasn’t supposed to eat. Mom had fish and chips. The beaches told me to say howdy to everyone. So, “Howdy.”

9/28/21 – Worcester Again
It was only a 90 minute drive but weather-wise it was an epic journey. It is much colder here, and rainy. It’s good to see Ann and Jenn again though.

9/29/21 – Dog Habits
Spencer is slowly learning not to pee or poop in the RV. Unfortunately his response is to go outside every three or four hours, all night. Once we get some weight on him we’ll working on his routines to allow better sleep.