Tom Week - Rain

1/21/21 – The Clam Is White

Yesterday when we arrived, the giant clam at the park entrance was still painted and outfitted as Rudolf. Today, it has been stripped and whitewashed. I guess they had to wait till two weeks after epiphany. Why Not?

1/22/22 – Rainy Day

It’s a popsicle stick and Elmer’s glue kind of day. I wanted to much to finish my latest animation today, at least the animation part. I have just one more scene to do, and it’s simple, but I’m very tired. I know if I start working on it tonight I’ll make mistakes and get frustrated. So, tomorrow it is.

Besides, Empire Strikes Back is on. First things first.

1/23/22 – California Drought

It’s raining in California and boy does it need it. It’s keeping me off the bike, but the plants growing is more important.

1/24/22 – The Bed Sheet Quest

I spent most of the day trying to learn how to do cloth effects in Blender. The workflow is pretty easy, but the execution is bizarre.

1/25/22 – Temporary Wind

We drove from Pismo Beach to Greenfield today. When we got to the Salinas River Valley the wind become annoyingly strong. Fortunately, that only accounted for the last 30 miles of the trip.

I pulled off the road in King City to get directions to the Safeway. I pulled into a parking lot to look it up on my phone. Surprisingly, it was the Safeway parking lot, so no looking was needed.

1/26/22 – Greenfield Facts

Turns out the Greenfield California isn’t named for its green fields, of which there are many. It’s named after some guy named Greenfield. It was going to be named Clark, after the town founder, but there were already too many towns named Clark in California.

And, it’s the broccoli capitol of the world.

1/27/22 – GAR ( Gloriously Annoying Rain )

The rain is here and this times it means it. California really needs this rain, but this is annoying.