Tom Week - Premature Fall

fall leaves

9/9/21 – Errand Day
Returned a package to UPS. Went to the Post Office. Went to three different Walgreens before I found what I was looking for. Got some blood taken out of my arm. Went shopping at WalMart. Picked Ann up at Brimfield. Busy busy busy.

On the way to pick up Ann I had a fast food adventure quest. First I stopped at KFC, but they were out of food. Wendy’s was closed for lack of staff. McDonald’s computers were down. I finally got food at Burger King, but it didn’t stay inside my body for very long.

9/10/21 – JAX!
I have Jax. They are yummy. For those of you who don’t remember, or are too young, or never had them because your mother didn’t love you, Jax are like Cheetos only much better. The junk food of the gods.

Got my blood test results today. My A1C has gone down from 8.9 to 7.0. Anything below 7 is considered good for us diabetics, so I’m well on my way.

9/11/21 – Riding and Ralph’s
I did nearly 12 miles on the bike this afternoon. 639 feet of climbing. Bit tired.

The Brimfield show end tomorrow. Car load coming home. The rest by truck on Monday.

Had a weird craving for pasta tonight. Pat cooked me some. It was yummy. (I appear to be having a yummy week.)

Went to Ralph’s Chadwick Square Diner tonight to hear the band FANG. It was surreal. Due to covid they had the music outside in the alley. The sound was terrible. We all sat at folding tables with our masks on. The guys at the next table were discovering the joy of root beer schnapps.

9/12/21 – Bad Roads
It amazes me that Worcester has so many horrible unmaintained roads. According to the Worcester Telegram there are 80 miles of them in town. We were on this road to look at a house, but it was trashed beyond our ability to fix it.

9/13/21 – Back to the trucks
Two loads of bring stuff back from Brimfield. One more load tomorrow.

We saw an eagle though. That was cool.

9/14/21 – 5AM Too Soon
Yes, got up at 5. In the truck before 6. Brimfield and back so Ann could return the truck by 9. NAP TIME!

9/15/21 – Leicester Is Pronounced Lester
Pat is having fun with the idea that the town of Leicester has three silent letters in a row right there in the middle of the name.