Tom Week - Political Circus

1/7/21 – Sad

I’ve been watching the political circus with some detachment lately. Yesterday changed that. It all became very personal for some reason. It wasn’t the protesters, that’s their right, no matter how stupid they are. It wasn’t even the terrorists that stormed the capitol building. It was the people, mostly the Capitol Police, that instead of doing their job, stepped aside and even helped the terrorists.

I did not expect this level of betrayal. Like many people, the pictures and videos from the BLM protests are screaming at me.

1/8/21 – Less Sad

The headlines are more encouraging today. Many people are being arrested. Never though t I’d put a sentence like that in the like column.

It made it into the 60’s today. Nice bike ride. May hit 70 tomorrow.

1/9/21 – Annoying Stores

My quest shopping list today had four things on it. Nothing weird, just four ordinary things. However, it took visits to three stores to find them all.

Tonight though, I am calmed watching the planets collide.

1/10/21 – Sunday On The Trail

There were MANY people out on the trails today. Bikers, walkers, skaters. It was wonderful.

Reading the news is actually making me feel better for once. All the bad people are getting arrested. Politicians are squirming. Best of all, the terrorists are left crying in airports because they’re not allowed to fly.

1/11/21 – Rental Car Follies

It’s happened before. It happened again. I got to the car rental place and was behind a woman bitching about having to wait so long. She didn’t have a reservation and wanted a specific car. They had to get one transferred from San Jose and that took a while.

Then she announced that she couldn’t wait anymore. The guy explained that the only car available was a Honda Fit, and I had reserved it. I said that I wasn’t in a hurry, so he gave her the Honda.

A whole five minutes the guy told me that the car the woman asked for was ready. He then led me to a red 2020 Ford Mustang convertible, which I was getting for the compact car rate of $39 a day.

The moral is; be nice and not in a hurry and you’ll get to drive the shiny red vroom-vroom car.

11/12/21 – Doctor Day

All seems to be on track. Next step, scheduling a CT scan. If all goes well Tonya will have the surgery in about a month.

11/13/21 – Shopping Day

OK, I’m an asshole. Whenever I see an older man in a red convertible I make snide remarks like, “What does your x-wife drive?” or “Sorry about your penis.” So driving such a car myself made me quite self-conscious. However, while I was out and about today I was approached by three very attractive 20-somethings telling me how much they liked my car. One was a guy, but hey.

So, I should probably stop making fun of the red convertible owners because, well, it works.