Tom Week - Pismo Again

2/18/21 – Crowded Pismo

When we were here a month ago the campground was about a third full and downtown was practically deserted. Now the campground and the town are full of people. Too many people.

2/19/21 – Unproductive Day

Some days are just not meant for being industrious. This was one. I had a productive nap. Pondered some stuff that needed pondering. Maybe tomorrow things will be accomplished.

2/20/21 – Weatherman Lies

For three days the weather guy has said that it will be warmer tomorrow. For three tomorrows he’s been wrong. Today he says that it really will be warmer tomorrow. If he’s wrong he’s in trouble.

Thanks to being stuck inside I got tons of work done on my latest Clayman animation. The background for this episode is very detailed which has slowed rendering to a crawl.

2/21/21 – Too Many Hills

Google maps and I have very different understandings of the phrase “mostly flat.”

We are in a campground full of people who don’t really camp but want to. This means a whole lot of people building fires who have no idea how to make fires. Mostly we get lots of smoke laced with lighter fluid. I miss the fire bans from dry season.

2/22/21 – Broken Elbow

Well, not broken, but sore for no good reason. It started hurting last night and I can’t figure out what I did. I wasn’t able to ride my bike today.

2/23/21 – Yanks Ahoy

We’re back in Greenfield but just for one night. The military men keep jogging by. I don’t know what that means yet. This afternoon we actually had the door open to let the warm air in. I’ve missed that.

For some reason YouTube keeps recommending episodes of an old TV show called Celebrity Bowling. I don’t remember this show, and have no desire to watch it now. Though today’s episode starred Adrienne Barbeau and Angie Dickenson.

2/24/21 – No Fog

We are in Pacifica and there is no fog. This is not normal. We are parked facing the ocean, which is very nice.