Tom Week - Pacifica's Wind

2/25/21 – Store Closed

In search of a new battery charger I wound up at Best Buy, but they were closing when I arrived. At 7PM. They had a line of people who wanted to get in and they were herding people out who weren’t done shopping. Seriously? 7PM?

2/26/21 – The Wind Again

Once again the planned bike ride gets trashed. The temperature’s not too bad but the 30mph wind gusts dropped the wind chill below tolerable levels.

As usual, being stuck inside helped me get a bunch of work done. I mad a huge leap in making Gus speak. It’s still not perfect, but I’m not sure it has to be.

2/27/21 – Covid Test

Tonya had her Covid test today. It took and hour to get there and an hour to get back. The test itself took less than a minute. That’s the last of the pre-operation stuff. Surgery on Mondy.

2/28/21 – Bike Ride

Had a short bike ride today. It’s amazing how much strength you can loose in just a few weeks out of the saddle. The wind and hills did not help.

Then, coming down a steep hill, I hit the brakes and nothing happened. Fortunately, on my second attempt, I was able to slow enough to make the corner. I’ve had brake problems on my last few rides, so I went on the internet and found that I probably need new brake pads. I took the calipers apart and yes, the pads are trash. I bought new ones.

I know. I’m rambling. Up at 4AM tomorrow for Tonya’s surgery at 8. What me worry?

3/1/21 – Rough Day

Got up at 4. Arrived at hospital at 6:30. Tonya went in surgery at 8.

Before today, they’d been saying that the surgery would take about two hours. Today, they told Pat that it would take probably four hours and that Tonya may have to wear a pacemaker.

Tonya was out of surgery at 10, so the original two hour estimate was correct. She doesn’t have to wear a pacemaker.

About noon they called to have us come in and help take care of her. I dropped off Pat about 1PM.

I picked up Pat at 2:30 to take her to her 3PM doctor’s appointment. That took two hours.

We got back to the RV about 6. Tired.

3/2/21 – Tonya’s Home

Tonya is back home now. Her recovery went very well. We are all relieved.