Tom Week - New Dog


9/16/21 – Dog Day in Gloucester

We found the perfect dog, but had to drive to Gloucester to get him. He’s a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel who is deaf, has Lyme Disease and skin issues. Like I said, perfect.

9/17/21 – Walks Walks Walks

The dog with no name is settling in. We found dog food that he likes, a bed he fits in and a toy that he likes chewing. Well, when it comes to toys, he’s not picky. We have evidence that even a skein of yarn will do.

The longs walks will be good for me, though the 6AM wake-up I can hold off on.

9/18/21 – Spencer or Whatever

I’ve given in and started calling the new dog Spencer, which was his name at the shelter, but we don’t particularly like. We have have to call him something, though he’s deaf so he doesn’t care.

We went to the dog park. Spencer got along with the other dogs but would not leave my side. I think he was afraid I was going to dump here there. He was very happy when we both got back in the car.

9/19/21 – Spencer Slept

Every night when we go to bed Spencer would bark. We tried several things to settle him down. Not much worked. Last night Pat figured it out. Our insane little dog is afraid of the dark. We left a light on and he went right to sleep and slept all night. Hurrah!

9/20/21 – Planning Our Escape

Well, for five days anyway. Three days in Mystic CT. Two days at Point Judith RI. Then back to Worcester to wait for Pat’s meds to arrive. Then we’re off for real. At least that’s the plan for now.

Thanks to Ann and Jenn for alerting us. We got to see the International Space Station fly over. So cool!

9/21/21 – Rental Car Return

Yes, that was today’s defining moment. I lead such an exiting life. The mechanic checked me in at the rental place. He was the only one there. Everyone else is out sick.

Spencer is calming down, eating more and sleeping more. All is well.

9/22/21 – Last Night In Worcester

At least until we come back next week. Thanks Ann and Jenn for the use of the driveway.