Tom Week - New Cities

view from bridge

11/25/21 – Turkey Day

Only, no turkey. I had steak instead. We also had; smashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, rolls, stuffing and sweet potatoes. Yum.

11/26/21 – Warmer Here

We’re just north of Orlando and it hit 80 degrees today. Another very nice, but kind of boring park. I miss the jungle and the redneck marina.

I took Spencer to the dog park here. There were too little dogs there and they had a great time sniffing each other. One of the little dogs was blind but got around fine. The their owner, who was working on her laptop, noticed we were there. She freaked out because “They don’t get along with other dogs.” So she dragged them away. Funny, it looked to me like they got along with other dogs.

11/27/21 – Road Names

Where do the come from? If your town has a weird road name, you should be required to post to Wikipedia why the road was named what it was name. Today I rode my bike down “Hermit Smith Road.”

I found two, non-authoratative explanations. The first said that there was a person named Herimtt Smith. Two T’s. The second says the town didn’t have its own blacksmith and this hermit would come to town with his anvil and stuff. I like the second story better, though don’t really believe either.

On my ride I came upon yet another vulture. This one was feasting on a large rodent-looking thing. It turned out to be an opossum. Its jaws were wide open and was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of it. 

11/28/21 – Animal Adventures

I went for a bike ride on what looked on Google Maps like a nice little road, but turned out to be the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive. Perfectly flat dirt roads through miles and miles of wetlands. I saw many dozens of different types of birds, and of course, alligators!

I got pictures of a couple small ones, then saw the big one pictured below. It was huge! Fortunately it was on the other side of a canal. Then I took a shortcut back to the RV park and went down a road closed to cars. This is where I saw the most gators. Only they weren’t across a canal. They were laying right beside the road. They didn’t move, but for their eyes watching me.

11/29/21 – Orlando Sucks

We didn’t even go all the way there and it sucks. Maybe not the city itself, but the traffic. We got no closer than 20 miles, but it was still heavy the whole way till we hit the swamp land.

The Wikipedia entry for the town we’re in is disgusting. It starts, “The first non-native settlement in the area…” That skips over seven thousand years that the area was populated. Apparently history only matters when Europeans are involved.

11/30/21 – Long Ride

There is a rail trail a mile from this park and it is FLAT! I had planned to do a slightly longer than usual ride. I wound up doubling my usual ride. 20 miles. 

There was a surprising lack of wildlife along the trail, though I did see some hawks, vultures and a bunch of squirrels who were not afraid of cyclists. 

12/1/21 – The Last State

Well, not really. Watched the movie MOTORAMA again recently. Images stuck in my head.

Shorter bike ride today, but I would up again on The East Coast Greenway. Who knew?