Tom Week - Long Bike Ride

2/11/21 – Twenty Miles around Visalia

Unintentionaly long bike ride today. I stopped to take a break at what I thought was about the five mile mark. Turned out to be nine miles. The roads were so flat and smooth I got carried away. Such fun.

2/12/21 – Back to Bakersfield

I’m getting tired of grocery stores. Today it took visits to four stores to complete my shopping list. It didn’t used to be like this. Or, am I getting too picky in my old age.

It’s once again the year of the ox. This seems to happen every dozen or so years. It took my brain a couple minutes to reconcile the 12 year Chinese Zodiac with the fact that this year my age will be a multiple of 10. Turns out that 5 x 12 = 60. Who knew?

2/13/21 – Orange Redistribution

We are at an RV park in an orange grove. Most of the oranges from the winter season are gone, but one row of trees is full of oranges. For some reason, none of the people staying in that row have picked any.

The rule is; you can’t pick from trees on someone else’s site. Seems like a waste because they are starting to drop. If they don’t get picked soon they’ll go bad.

2/14/21 – Valentine’s Day

AKA Daytona 500 day. Though as I’m writing this, 8 hours after the race started, the cars are still circling the track. Rain delays are boring. Not that I just sat around waiting. I assumed the race would be run tomorrow. Guess not.

To celebrate this day of love we all took showers. If you lived in a truck during a pandemic you’d know what a special thing that is.

2/15/21 – Losing My Sense Of Distance

Another bike ride, another wander. This one was only 18 miles of the planned 12. A 50 percent margin of error isn’t too bad. Is it?

2/16/21 – Vaccine Part One

Pat got her first covid shot today at CVS. Wahoo! So far, so good.