Tom Week - Into Florida


11/12/21 – There Be Gators Here

Haven’t seen any, but one look at the water and you know they’re there.

Today I learned that Spencer DOES know how to open a gate, even one you have to pull open. Latching had risen on my priority list.

We are 450 yards from the Florida border. There’s a sign that says so. I’m not making that up.

11/13/21 – Or Not

Walking Spencer last night I heard a weird sound in the swamp and then a splash. I looked up what I heard and according to it was probably a leopard frog.

Nobody in this park knows how to make a fire. The smoke is horrendous.

I went for a bike ride. It took several tries to find a road with shoulders wide enough to ride on.

11/14/21 – Bad Night

Didn’t get much done today. I was up most of the night with gastric issues. Woke up a one with very low blood sugar. Then spent most of the night up and down the ladder. Such fun.

11/15/21 – The Starke Reality

We’re back in Starke, our semi-homebase. We come here often enough that my laptop logged itself into the camp WIFI all by itself. The only change to the town I’ve noticed so far is that the fireworks place now advertises that they sell mortars. Oh Joy. 

11/16/21 – New Camera

I’ve had a new camera for a bit and I’m starting to learn its idiosyncrasies. It allegedly has an 8X optical zoom, but it turns out to be a digital zoom, and not a very good one. However, it has amazing resolution. So if I don’t use the zoom and just crop the photo later, it makes for a better picture than my old camera with a zoom.

I’m taking an online course in well being. The assignment this week is to be more social, so I might get annoying.

11/17/21 – Nap Time

Sometimes you just have to give in and take a nap. I only slept about an hour but it helped. Like hitting the reset button.

I spent most of the day tracking down a bug on my website. After the nap I was able to chase it down the rabbit hole till I found the broken file hiding in the cache. Hurrah Me!