Tom Week - Inauguration Week

1/14/21 – New Rental Car

Turned in the Mustang today and picked up a Honda Civic. Being the freak I am I like the Honda much better. It has way more cup holders. Though I will miss being mistaken by hot young ones as a potential sugar daddy.

1/15/21 – The Ides of January

The guardian angel of medical appointments was watching over us today. Instead of being spread out over the whole day, Tonya’s appointments got all scrunched together and we were done by noon.

A special thanks to everyone for their encouragement for my animations. It really helps.

1/16/21 – Nice Day

Went for a bike ride in the warmth. Good stuff. I’m just 6 miles short of my best January ever and the month is just over half over.

Tonya’s doctor stuff is moving faster than expected. The next appointment is on the 29 which screws up the travel plans, but first things first.

1/17/21 – Reality and Other Illusions

I’m driving Pat crazy with me renewed attention to detail in TV shows and movies. She’s being nice about it, but I’m sure she’s thinking, “Oh, bless his heart.”

Every day I’m learning new things in the animation program. It’s hard not going back to fix things that I now know how to do better. Also, I keep making wonderful mistakes. Today I made Gus’s eyes fly straight out of his head. It was cool.

1/18/21 – The Yanks

We are spending two night at Yanks RV Resort in Greenfield CA. The last time we were here I dubbed it the RV Prison. Improvements to the buildings and landscaping have removed that impression.

So what has happened to Walmart. Lately, it is impossible to do all our shopping there. We used to be able to. And it’s stupid little things, like plain frozen waffles and drinkable bottled water, that they have ceased to carry.

AND ALL I WANT IS SOME GRAPE SODA! Nobody has grape soda anymore.

1/19/21 – Wind Day

The wind here wasn’t all that bad, but the surrounding area got hit pretty hard. Trees down, several fires started, general badness.

1/20/21 – Happy Day

Inauguration day. I had to stop watching TV because it just kept making me a cry. In a good way, but cry I did. The final straw was the press conference where real questions were asked and real answers given. The adultness of it all was overwhelming.