Tom Week - House Stuff

cleaning gutters

8/19/21 – Another Thursday
We had to go sit in Ann and Jenn’s house this morning. Tornado warning. It never came though. Too rainy to ride so I managed to get some writing done. I’m also taking a refresher course in front-end web development. Just in case.

8/20/21 – Rained On
I got rained on while riding my bike. Pat reports that there was no rain at the RV. I was about a mile away and it was pouring down. Perhaps I am a rain god.

Pat ordered new glasses today. The glasses guy found frames right away that she liked. There is usually a long struggle.

8/21/21 – Seeing Family and Dumping
I was hoping we wouldn’t have to go to the dump station so soon, but biology dictated that we did. No we have empty tanks and clean minds to sit out the hurricane. 

Tonight many of the family got together. It was fun seeing people for at least a short while.

8/22/21 – Hurricane Day
We’ve been hanging out at Ann and Jenn’s, hiding from Henri. Fortunately we were spared the worst. Got a lot of school work done. 

8/23/21 – Post Hurricane Day
Still rainy but much less wind. I got a ton of work done for school and other potential getting a job kind of stuff. Some writing as well.

8/24/21 – Local Hero
Certain things are never expected. After today’s bike ride, Strava informed me I was the local hero for the “Ronnies Hill” segment. That means I’ve ridden this segment more than anyone else in the last 90 days. I have ridden it twice. Not a popular hill.

8/25/21 – A Ride To A Ride
This morning I stuffed my bike into the rental car and took it the big bike path between Worcester and Millbury. I only rode 6.5 miles because it was in the 90’s and humid. Tomorrow might be cooler and I will try to double that.