Tom Week - Heading South


10/21/21 – Nature Dog!

Today I took Spencer on the park’s nature trail. He did amazingly well. He actually followed the trail without trying to wander into the woods. 

I went for a bike ride after. 8.8 miles of roads barely suitable for riding. The drivers all tried to give me room though.

10/22/21 – VB

We’re back in Virginia Beach, which would be perfect if we a bit further from the Navy Air Station’s flight path. 

10/23/21 – Carnivalini

There is a band playing. There are food trucks. There are crowds milling about. If there were rides and a midway, it would be a full-fledged carnival. Once again though, the band is playing nothing but songs from the previous century. I bought some kettle corn though. Wonderfully over-sugared.

10/24/21 – Formula One

Today I watched the U.S. Gran Prix from Austin TX. Between not having all the cable channels, moving around and races on at crazy hours, this is the first F1 race I’ve watched this year. I’d forgotten how boring they can be. 

10/25/21 – Happy Anvil Nursery!

Twenty four years of marriage. It seems like yesterday and forever ago at the same time. For two days we are parked on the water. 

10/26/21 – Windswept

We are sticking out into the intercoastal waterway. There is no protection from today’s harsh winds. It’s a sad kind of beautiful.

It’s confusing here. The sun sets over the water to the west. That’s an odd occurrence here on the east coast. 

10/27/21 – New Bern

Another town that nobody agrees on how to pronounce. 

It’s warmer here, less wind and a dog wash. Spencer tried to get me to now tell Pat about it, but I did. Hopefully he’ll forgive me.