Tom Week - Heading North


7/15/21 – Virginia We Are Here

We are in Ashland Virginia, just north of Richmond. We only drove 120 miles today, but I’m exhausted. Heavy traffic, especially trucks, wears me down. 

7/16/21 – Hot

Too hot to ride. Real feel over 100. 

I actually got some work done on the new “story.” I’m not sure if this is a novel or what yet. It’s about two strong characters who clash.

7/17/21 – Hotter

Got a bike ride in this morning. Worn out. 

My weight is down to 179. My high was 265. That’s 85 pounds gone. 15 to go to make 100.

7/18/21 – Cooler

The high temp today was only 81. That’s nearly in the 70’s! It’s so nice to not sweat while sitting still.

7/19/21 – Variable Terrain

This side of highway 3 is all steep hills. The other side is all flat. I wish I knew this before my bike ride. Google Maps is great for showing big hills, but if it’s below 100 feet it doesn’t register.

The weather continues to be cooler and is forecast continue cooler as we travel north. 

7/20/21 – Buggy Country

We’re in New Holland PA. Amish country. It’s foggy here.

7/21/21 – Rainy Day

That’s not fog. It’s smoke from the western fires brought here by the jetstream.  It’s weird seeing bad air quality in horse and buggy land.