Tom Week - Happy New Year

12/31/20 – Happy New Year

Well, the Catholic guilt again rears its ugly head. Everyone is sighing relief at the end of 2020, cause the world is going change overnight?

Yet, here I am looking back at all the good things that happened this year. If I’m honest, if we didn’t get stuck in Mississippi all that time, I might not have started working on my animations. I am actually happier with myself now then I have been in a long time.

So yeah, I feel guilty about feeling good. Time to visit Dr. Socket?

1/1/21 – New Year

Yes, it’s now 2021, but for me it won’t really be a new year till after Jan 20.

1/2/21 – Palindromes Anyone?

Some days everyone is sick.

1/3/21 – Sleepy Work Day

No sleep, yet I got a pile of work done.

1/4/21 – Getting there

I promise I will be more talkative after I get some good sleep and the electoral college is certified.

1/5/21 – Toto To The Vet

I had to take Abigail to the vet today. She’s has a cough that’s been worrying us. Fortunately, it looks like nothing serious. She’s on antibiotics for a couple weeks.

The reason I mention Toto; the vet’s office was so close, it wasn’t worth unhooking and driving the RV over there, but too far for Abigail to work. So I used Pat’s electric scooter and put Abigail in the basket. I don’t think she liked it, but it got her there.

1/6/21 – Hint of Sunshine

The sun wasn’t out for long, but when it was it was actually nice. Went nearly 14 miles on the bike, then made the mistake of going to Walmart. Everything was OK in Walmart, but when I came out the clouds were dark and threatening. The rain never lived up to the threat though.