Tom Week - Goodbye Abigail

4/29/21 – Marginal Gains

Every day a little better. I slept well last night for the first time in a long time. I got a ton of work done on animations and was able to go for a walk.

4/30/21 – The Near Century

It almost hit 100 degrees today. Not enjoyable. Mostly just sitting around trying not to sweat

5/1/21 – I Can Drive!

We ran a bunch of errands and I drove all day with no problems. We brought Abigail to the vets. They did a bunch of tests. We have to bring her back tomorrow for more tests. Scared.

5/2/21 – Abigail is Gone

The kidney damage was too much. She had a miserable night. It was her time.

5/3/21 – Another Day

It’s amazing how many times a day I expect there to be a dog sitting or laying there. We haven’t been dogless since 1997. This will take some getting used to.

5/4/21 – Our Own Private Desert

We’ve been to this park in Barstow before, but never on this end. We’re at the edge of the park with acre after acre of desert just outside our door. It’s beautiful and full of critters.

It’s hot today and will be for several days. Some times there is just no avoiding the heat. It should cool down after we get to Las Vegas. That’s not something you here every day.

So on Friday we leave California. We’ve been here forever too long.

5/5/21 – Thank The Wind

It was nearly 100 degrees today, but there was wind which made it seem much nicer.

I was able to make an appointment for my 2 nd Covid shot at the WalMart across the street from the RV park in Las Vegas. Sweet.