Tom Week - Good Roads Bad WIFI

rail trail

10/14/21 – Good Roads

Another bike ride. This time on the roads. I went to downtown Jonestown. A funky place with a desperate lack of personality. The roads are much hillier than the bike trails, but none of the climbs were too bad. There were a pair of downhills where I topped 30 miles an hour. Fun.

10/15/21 – A New Record

Today was our first ever four state day. We started in Pennsylvania, into Maryland, through a tiny bit of Virginia and wound up in West Virginia. Four states in one day.

And yes, we’ve been to four corners and stood in four states at once, but we only drove in two of those states that day.

10/16/21 – The Ghosts

I am by no means a medium, but I do get hints of ghosts now and then. Today, riding my bike down Main Street in Harpers Ferry I was overwhelmed by how many ghosts there were and how much they HATE the tourists.

Turns out the soldiers that were sent here in preparation for a battle with the French that never happened, almost all died of cholera, and they are none too happy about it. Many people have seen them marching en-mas down Main Street.

10/17/21 – Walgreens Is Closed

I’m waiting for some prescription renewals. I had them filled at the local Walgreens. Only problem is that the pharmacy is closed Saturday and Sunday. So we had to stay in Harpers Ferry another night. Such fun. At least the smoker-builders are gone.

10/18/21 – Nomenclature Breakdown in Virginia

Today in McDonald’s I was waiting for me food and the guy in front of kept asking the clerk for his glasses. The clerk had no idea what he was talking about. Neither did I. Finally, someone working in the back came out and told the clerk that the customer meant cups. 

I thought is was a weird anomaly, but as I was leaving I heard another guy as for a medium glass. Weird.

10/19/21 – Last Day in the 50’s

Tomorrow I become 60. I’m looking forward to my 60’s. The transition my be rough, but I see productive days ahead.

10/20/21 – Full Moon Birthday

I can’t remember the last time I had a birthday on a full moon. Maybe never.
I saw the last part of an accident today. I didn’t see how it started, but suddenly there was a minivan flipping over in a ditch and landed on its side. I pulled off and ran over. The woman was OK beside a pain in her back. I opened the rear hatch and helped her get out.