Tom Week - Get That Vaccination

3/18/21 – Vaccination Day

Pat’s second shot and Tonya’s first. At two different CVSs.

It was in the high 70’s today. It should stay there, but it won’t. It going to cool off tomorrow, but just down to the 60’s.

Oh yeah. I hate Microsoft. I’ve been trying to upgrade for several days now with no luck. Linux is looking better every day.

3/19/21 – Kids Aplenty

There are many kids here now, running around and screaming, as kids should.

Had a good bike ride today. I went noticeably farther than my last ride, but I’m much less worn out. Must be the warm weather.

FINALLY got the new upgrade for Microsoft Windows to install. The trick is to not use the Windows “Update Now” page. I used powershell to manage the upgrade and it worked first try.

3/20/21 – No Jury Duty

I got a summons for jury duty in Clay County Florida. This is weird because they won’t let me register to vote there because I don’t actually live there, but they call me for jury duty as if I did. I filled out the excusal request form explaining that I couldn’t get there by April 1. They agreed.

3/21/21 – Under The Funk

Fighting my way through mental molasses today. Not living up to my potential.

3/22/21 – Upside-Down Utah

I went for a bike ride and recorded my path on Strava. It came out the exact shape of Utah, only upside-down.

3/23/21 – Porterville

I finally got to drive through Porterville. This has been a goal of mine for nearly a week.

We are in Visalia for the night. Then off to Greenfield for two. Finally, Gilroy for a week. Then, we don’t know. We have no appointments. We have no commitments. We could go anywhere.

3/24/21 – Back at Yanks

We are in Greenfield California again. Hopefully this will be the last time this year. I’m getting tired of coming back to the same place over and over again.