Tom Week - Geese, Roosters, Etc.

2/4/21 – Geek Orthodox Ground Hog Day

I went for a surprising bike ride today. Surprising that I made it up all the hills, only needing to stop to rest once. My last time on this route, over a year ago, I had to stop a dozen or so times.

2/5/21 – Reflections Is Out There

I finished and published my new animation. My best work yet. I hope people like it. I like it.

2/6/21 – The Trouble With Hosts

I posted my latest and greatest animation yesterday. ( ) Unfortunately, my web host switched stats programs, and it’s had all sorts of problems. So I have no idea how many people have watched my video. This sucks.

Went for a bike ride today to see the local national cemetery and Korean War memorial. Unfortunately, there’s a sign at the entrance prohibiting bicycles. I wasn’t in the mood to argue with the federal government so I turned around and came home.

2/7/21 – Golf Anyone?

We are in Chowchilla at a golf resort. The weird thing is, while RV parks at golf courses are usually fancier than most, as this one is, they are usually no more expensive. They assume you’re going to spend lots of money on golf. We don’t.

Chowchilla is also home to California’s women’s penitentiary, but you’d know that if you were a frequent viewer of the sit-com MOM.

2/8/21 – The Rooster Crows At Dawn

Actually, it crows for a couple hours before dawn. The rooster isn’t in the park. It’s just over the wall in a very upscale housing development. I am amazed that they allow all that noise.

I went for a very flat bike ride today. Fourteen miles with an elevation change of only 75 feet. If it weren’t for the highway overpass it would probably be zero.

2/9/21 – The Rooster Crows All Night

Got no sleep. The poor bird just wouldn’t shut up. I don’t know how the locals can stand it. I researched roosters and all signs lead to a very disturbed bird. He is not being properly cared for. I called animal control. They said they’d send someone, but it didn’t seem like a high priority.

In the meantime, the park moved us to a new spot on the other side of the park. It’s much quieter here.

2/10/21 – Somewhere South of Fresno

Were are at the Visalia KOA, which in not in Visalia. It’s in Goshen. An dVisalia is pronounced Vy-salia. Get it wrong and you will be corrected.

This is now the second park that has someone keeping chickens in a house just over the wall. There seems to be no rooster here though. But, does have a skateboard tree.