Tom Week - Feet to Sway Bars

3/25/21 – Something is a foot

My left foot actually. It started hurting last night, for some unknown reason, and kept me up most of the night. It gave me time to worry about many things over which I have no control. Nothing was solved.

Today, I have no energy, but did manage to map for nearly ten minutes this afternoon. I’m stuck in a mental twilight half way between sleep and awake. Such fun.

3/26/21 – No Joy In Gilroy

Just has to be said. I’m sick of this place. When we leave here I hope to be away for at least a year. Maybe by then the regularity will have worn off.

Also, there is a new manager who doesn’t seem to know what he is doing. The WIFI, which has always been good, is down. Not good signs.

3/27/21 – The Isabel Cup

Boston wins again! I’m not that big a hockey fan, but decided to watch when I saw that Boston was in the playoffs. It felt like dad was there watching with me.

So I lied to Pat. I’m not able to fix the broken sway bar mount. Have to call Camping World on Monday.

3/28/21 – The Worm Moon

My friend Jane, also a Libra, said the Worm Moon would give me energy. She was right. I went for a bike ride today and got lots of animation work done. Of course I only believe in astrology when it suits me.

3/29/21 – Rental Car Day

It’s nice to have some mobility that doesn’t weight five tons. Took Pat to WalMart to shop for clothes. Now that she’s all vaccinated she’s getting brave.

Weird thing at WalMart. I needed a pair of jeans, but they were locked in a glass case. Well, the cheap jeans were locked in a glass case. The expensive jeans were laying out in the open. I stopped a clerk to ask to get into the cheap jeans. She told me she didn’t have the key and I should ring the bell. Only, there was no bell.

I’d read about stores doing this as a way to get people to buy the more expensive product. I didn’t believe a store would go that far out of its way to be evil. I was wrong. Fortunately, I noticed that the glassed in case had no back. So I was able to go around, unclip a rack of underwear and pull out a pair of jeans in my size.

Finally, I went to get dinner at Sonic. They got a new record, only getting two things in the order wrong. My hot dog was not plain and I got Dr. Pepper instead of Coke.

3/30/21 – Sick Day

Woke up at 6 to Abigail throwing up. She continued to do so all day. So Pat stayed behind with Abigail while I took Tonya to her surgery follow-up. That went well. When I got back we took Abigail to the vet. She got fluids, some anti-puke meds and some new pain killers with almost identical names and confusing instructions.

3/31/21 – Abigail Is Better

Abigail had a rough start this morning, lethargic and not eating, but pepped up this afternoon. We are glad.

Got a bike ride in and managed to Mickey Mouse a fix for the sway bar. Not great, but it will hold till I fix it for real. Tomorrow I get to buy a replacement and then BUY NEW TOOLS! I feel so manly.