Tom Week - Escaping and Wig Wams

wig wams

5/13/21 – Last Day In Vegas

100 degrees and our air conditioner is broken. Tomorrow we’re off to Arizona where it’s much cooler. I think if I just kept aiming for “much cooler” we’ll eventually be OK.

So yes, the getting rid of stress before going to be is working well. Two good nights of sleep in a row.

5/14/21 – Arizona

There’s no traffic, or sirens, or bright lights. As Pat says, “I don’t feel like I’m under attack anymore.” There is also nowhere we need to be or anything we have to wait for. Freedom.

5/15/21 – Camp Sore Foot

Apparently I walked to much yesterday. I woke up at 3:30 with a very sore foot. Way swollen.

It’s been much cooler today with the high only in the low 80’s, with a strong breeze. Nice.

5/16/21 – Tiring Day

Drove today for 80 miles on an original stretch of route 66. The scenery was beautiful. The roads were in pretty good shape, and the wind wasn’t too bad. Then I had to drive the last 40 miles in I-40. The road was horrible, the wind was horrible and the trucks kept almost running into us. By the time I got to Williams I was exhausted.

I love Williams, especially downtown, but I always forget that we’re 7,000 feet. The air is thin and the dizziness comes easy.

I’m also having a bad dog day. The last time we stayed at this park we had both Abigail and Rex. Both greatly enjoyed the many animal smells in and around the bushes. Missing them both bad. Fortunately, the local animal shelter has not dogs that would thrive in an RV.

5/17/21 – Tired Day

So, the Williams AZ McDonalds is on the never again list. All three of us got sick.

5/18/21 – Down The Hill

We have gone from 7500 feet to 5000 feet, and are feeling much better. There is a lot of dust here though.

5/19/21 – The New Mexico

We made it to Albuquerque, which is a spelling nightmare. They have Sprouts here! Shopping is so much more fun when there’s good food involved.

240 miles today. Very tired.