Tom Week - Doctor Stuff

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6/24/21 – Doctor Follies

After the hope resulting from Monday’s doctor visit, it’s been a tough few days dealing with the bureaucracy end of starting with a new doctor. After a bunch of emails, phone calls and an in-person visit to the office, everything has fallen into place.

Getting tired of the rain.

6/25/21 – Starke

This is like our home park here in Florida. Fighting bad depression. Raining.

6/26/21 – Better Today

Blood sugar is down a bit this afternoon. Brain clearer much. 

Lots of rain today, but it was never in sync with the radar images. 

Went to the redneck bar tonight. The bouncer was the drunkest guy in the place. The DJ played only pop music from the 70’s. Nobody danced.

6/27/21 – Sunny Day

Got in a bike ride. Nearly 11 miles. Perfectly flat the whole way. 

The TV remote has lost it’s mind. When I press the channel down button it resets the audio input. When I hit the 3 button it shuts off the TV. The company will replace it if I mail it in, but the shipping for both ways costs more than a new remote.

6/28/21 – Back to Lake City

A got a call from my doctor’s office. There’s something wrong with my blood and I need to see her. Turns out it’s probably nothing and isn’t that bad. The took another sample to see if it’s an anomaly.  I got my new prescription. Start it tomorrow. It’s so nice having a doctor who cares and pays attention. Best thing, they do visits over zoom. 

6/29/21 – New Drugs

I picked up the new diabetes medicine today. So far, so side effects. Probably won’t know if it helps for several days. Always waiting for something.

6/30/21 – Florida, Georgia, Same Thing

We started today in Florida. We drove to Georgia for lunch. Now we’re back in Florida.

The new pills are working already. My blood sugar is coming down. Yeah.

There are ducks here. Pat is feeding them birdseed and oatmeal. They are happy and brought their babies.