Tom Week - Deja Vu?

Gulf of Mexico

12/9/21 – Reverse Deja Vu

I was riding my bike today and suddenly started feeling that I had ridden here before. A lot of roads look alike though. Then, after I finished my ride, my ride mapping app gave me a comparison of my previous ride on some of the same roads. Turns out we stayed at a different park up the road a ways nearly two years ago. I had forgotten about it.

So it turns out that we have been to this park before. I do not remember it.

12/10/21 – New Park

I checked. We have not been here before. 

12/11/21 – Happy Trail

Another wonderful bike trail following a canal that leads to a bay that eventually opens into the Gulf Of Mexico. There were vultures and fisherman and lots of gray-haired folks like me peddling their way to joy.

Speaking of gray hair; A weird pattern has emerged when people try to guess my age. People my age or older assume I’m much younger than I am. On the other hand, people ten or more years younger than me assume I’m at least 10 years older than I am. I’ve heard of split personalities, but split ages?

12/12/21 – Yankeetown

Yes, there is a Yankeetown Florida. It’s hidden on the far side of Inglis. Off the highway and well into the swamp. On my way back from there I saw an alligator, but I was too slow getting the camera out.

I got up early, thanks to Spencer, and watched the last F1 race of the year. Max Verstappen won the race and the championship, and I’m happy for that, but many rules were bent to make it happen. I say bent, not broken, because there was a serious of rules overriding other rules. At least racing fans will have something to argue about over the winter.

My favorite part is the rule that used the word “any” where they probably meant “all.” 

12/13/21 – Moonshine Acres

One of the best names for a park ever. We are steps from the fenced-in dog run so Spencer is very happy. We were here once before but it’s much fancier now. 

12/14/12 – Gray Day

The sun tried coming out for a while, but it mostly failed. I did 12 miles on the bike. It was one of the wind comes from every direction days.