Tom Week - Bye Ann And Jenn's

Ann in pajamas

10/1/21 – Screwing With People

It wasn’t my intent to mess with people but I was existing outside their narrow expectations, so I had no choice. I rode my bike to the 99 restaurant and was waiting in one of the pickup spots. Three cars tried to take my spot, while I was in it.

The first two just scowled and drove on. The third rolled down his window and told me he needed to park there to pick up his food. I told him that I had to park there to pick up my food. He told me I could park somewhere else. I told him he could park somewhere else.

When ordering I had to put in my type of car and its color. I entered black bicycle. The guy who brought my food out told me that he thought it was a joke till he saw me.

10/2/21 – Sutton

Ann took us all, even Spencer, to visit her camper. It’s closing down weekend so this was our last chance. We sat around a non-fire and listened to the silence.

10/3/21 – Early Birthday

Since we’re leaving tomorrow, Ann gave me my birthday presents early. A Ring Ding and a Roku. Cool!

10/4/21 – Near Niantic

My favorite thing about today’s ride was seeing the signs for Flanders. There are three used book stores not far from here. I may have to ride my bike tomorrow. 

10/5/21 – The Next Campground

Today I made reservations for our next stop. The phone call was almost completely normal. Almost. The woman asked how many people. I told her there would be three. Then she asked if we had any pets. I said that we had one Cocker Spaniel. Then she asked what was our pet’s name. She did not ask for the names of the humans, but did ask for the pet’s name. Weird.

10/6/21 – Three States Today

Started in Connecticut, drove through New York and now we are in Pennsylvania, but just barely. New York is 200 yards to the east. New Jersey is 100 yards to the south.