Tom Week - Bunny Land


8/5/21 – Comedy Follies
Went with a friend to a comedy show, that started 2 ½ hours late and was so bad that I’m convinced it was punishment for something horrible I did in a previous life. 

8/6/21 – Dumping
Finally had to deal with the black water tank filling up. Ann took me to the campground where she keeps her trailer and I was able to use their dump station. The RV smells a bit better now.

8/7/21 – Warm Day
I went for a bike ride this morning. I went twice as far as the last ride but wound up half as sore. So that’s good. I saw some HUGE turkey vultures. 

8/8/21 – Garden Day
Today we went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of plants for Ann and Jenn’s front yard. I dug a few holes, but Pat did the rest. Haven’t seen her so happy in a while.

8/9/21 – Day by Day
Rode my bike for the third day in a row. Each day, a little further, climbing a little higher. Best thing is that my post-ride blood sugar is down to normal levels for the first time since March.

I replaced the RV’s air filter today. Getting stuff done. The final part for the air conditioner came. That’s tomorrow’s job.

8/10/21 – Baseball
Woo for the WooSox. They beat Syracuse with an exciting comeback in the last inning. Fun stuff.

8/11/21 – Hot Day
I rode my bike early to avoid the heat. I’m slowly getting more confidence with the hills. I went all the way to Oxford today.