Tom Week - Broken Ribs Healing

4/15/21 – Slow Better

I mostly slept last night, though I had to get up to pee four times. Drinking all this water has some negative effects.

For the first time since the accident, my blood sugar was down into my normal range. I feel much better.

4/16/21 – Stuck In Low Gear

I feel like I’m driving in mud. Slip-sliding in circles across a field. Making progress, but not much.

4/17/21 – Across The Park

We moved nearly 100 yards today. We have this spot till May 1. There’s no view of the river here, but since the river is dry it doesn’t make much difference.

4/18/21 – Embracing The Boredom

Watch a whole lot of TV today. Sounds weird, but this is the best thing I can do for myself. This week is rest. Next week is get moving again.

4/19/21 – Always Tomorrow

I try to live in the moment, but since the moments currently suck, I’m trying to live in the future. A future where I’m not on heavy pain killers. A future where my brain works above a remedial level.

On the other hand; I’m sleeping better. My blood sugar is down to normal levels. So, it’s not all bad. Also, I’m catching up on my required watching of World’s Dumbest reruns.

4/20/21 – A Dog?

A woman from the park office came by today and asked if we have a dog. Apparently I missed a checkbox when I made the original reservation. Oops. Two dollar a day charge for pets. Well worth it.

4/21/21 – Sleepy Day

There is something wrong with me. The pain pill I’m on is supposed to give you a sense of euphoria and reduce stress. It’s doing neither of those for me. Today all I feel is sleepy. I slept well last night but all day I’ve felt like I didn’t. Just one more day.