Tom Week - Birds n' Stuff

geese behind a fence

8/26/21 – Hot Stuff
Heat index of 100 today. Stayed inside as much as possible.

Really getting my cycling confidence back. I went through Kelly Square twice on my bike.

8/27/21 – Learning Good
OK, I’ve been working on websites for about 25 years. I’m taking a couple online courses in web development and it’s amazing what I don’t know.

8/29/21 – A Cool Day
I was looking forward to a nice cool bike ride today, but my joints had other ideas. Got some learning done though.

Got to watch the Belgian Grand Prix. It was rain-delayed three hours and all they did was three laps behind the pace car. Then they called it a race, giving half points to the drivers.

8/30/21 – Laundry Day
Went down the street to the laundromat. Ann and Jenn have a washer but this way we can do all the wash at once. Clean clothes tomorrow.

Ann cooked for us tonight. YUM!

8/31/21 – Pat Can See!
She picked up her new glasses today. She can see much better, but it will take her a while to get used to them.

I now have the 7th fastest time up the Ronnie’s Hill Strava segment. My first top ten.

9/1/21 – A new Month Already?
The remnants of the hurricane are once again soaking us. The rainy gloom is stifling my ambitions. I took an immensely therapeutic nap this afternoon.