Tom Week - Bakersfield Still

4/22/21 – Hope On The Horizon

Still in Bakersfield. This is my last day on the heavy pain killer. Hooray! I’ve started looking at places to go when we leave here. It’s cheering me up.

4/23/21 – Withdrawal Day

Some times pain is more appealing than pain killers. My mind is totally wiped out today. Done with the pills. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

4/24/21 – Almost There

I can still feel the last remnants of the pain pills clogging my brain. The pain is no problem. I’m able to sit and lay down with no discomfort. The pain only occurs when I push the range of motion, lift too much or sneeze. Sneezing must be avoided at all cost.

4/25/21 – You Guessed It

Yes, I’m doing better today. I was able to work on an animation. My head is clearer. My body, less pained.

Abigail is doing better today as well. Her poop is no longer liquid. A good sign.

It’s raining right now. You can almost hear the droughted ground whispering thank you.

4/26/21 – The Tunnel Is Long

Got some more work done on an animation today. Baby steps. Got some programming done for studying the stats on my website. Turns out computer programming is WAY simpler than animation.

4/27/21 – Was That A Concussion?

So, despite the ambulance driver asking me a bunch of questions showing I did not have a concussion, I now think I had one. There are big chunks of time missing from the first few days after the crash. Scary, but I’m better now.

4/28/21 – Walkies

I went for a walk today. Just a mile, but it’s a start and I don’t hurt. It’s gonna be hot here for the next few days. Put the heater away and dragged out the fans. We have air conditioning if it gets too bad.