Tom Week - April Tools Day

4/1/21 – April Tools Day

Spent the morning in pursuit of tools. Home Depot had the 15mm wrenches I need. At Harbor Freight I got an impact driver and a set of impact sockets. However, I didn’t realize that I need a special bit to use the sockets with the driver. Have to go back for that. Also, Harbor Freight didn’t have the cutting wheels I need for the drill I have. Should have looked at Home Depot.

The drill I use for cutting is on we inherited from my father-in-law. It is an antique, probably built in the 70’s, but it still works great. It’s a Black & Decker and Handyman Magazine says it’s probably the best home drill ever built. Who knew?

I also made several stops looking for the suspension part I need. The guy at the truck parts place wouldn’t talk to me because I don’t have a real truck. He sent me to an RV place. They didn’t have the part, but sent me to another RV place, which also didn’t have the part.

Then I went to AutoZone which did not have the part, but offered to order it for me. Unfortunately I will be long gone before it arrives. They did however give me an info sheet, which had enough info so I could order the part from Amazon, with next day delivery!

4/2/21 – Amazon Sucks

I order the part I need with the understanding that it would be delivered today. Now they say it will be here Monday. Monday is not today. Now we’re stuck here till Tuesday. I like Gilroy, but enough is enough.

So last night my phone’s battery blew up like a balloon and knocked the back off. I did not know batteries could take on such rubbery properties. The phone still works, but the battery discharges in about two hours. According to the web, that will only get worse, so it’s new phone time.

4/3/21 – Blast Off!

It’s countdown day. Get it?

I am very happy today. The RV part that was supposed to come Monday came today. That means no just sitting and waiting around. We’ll be out of California by the end of next week.

4/4/21 – On Vacation

Seems like a weird concept, but we’ve been staying in the same RV parks for so long it feels like we’re stuck in a rut. We’ve been in the park before, but never this section, so it feels like a new place. After here we are going to three parks in a row in towns we’ve never been to before. Then to Las Vegas, where we’ve never stayed in an RV. Vacation.

4/5/21 – Energy Free Zone

Pat, Tonya and Abigail slept very late this morning. I was up early. This is all backwards from normal. Couldn’t find the energy to ride my bike or work on animations. Just a lazy day.

4/6/21 – The Other Bakersfield

We’re back in Bakersfield, but on the other side of Highway 99. We’ve never been over here before. It’s not very different. A nice park overlooking what would be the Kern river if it had any water.

4/7/21 – Vaccination Day

I got my first shot today. So far, so good. No side effects. I rode my bike to CVS, then Best Buy, then back for a total of 16.4 miles. Longest ride so far this month.

Speaking of Best Buy; do NOT buy screen protectors there without checking out the ratings online. The one I bought turned out to be way overpriced and absolutely useless. One star on Amazon. Should have checked.