Tom Week - Ann's House

Ann's House

7/29/21 – Thanks Bobby
A friend of my sister came to help us fix the RV air conditioner. It’s not working yet, but we are making progress. 

7/30/21 – Doing Stuff
Bad depression this morning. Got talked into going for a bike ride. It was short, but got me kick-started. Got some stuff done, and took a shower, Feeling good.

7/31/21 – Doing More Stuff
I got to work fixing the sway bar. Got everything done except putting the new bracket on, and it didn’t fit. Going to the Ford dealer on Monday. Only two trips to Home Depot.

8/1/21 – Family Fun
Got to see several members of my family. Much fun. My grand nephew Emmett got to touch the bus.

8/2/21 – Energy Squared
I got up this morning full of fire. I got an amazing amount of work done today. Made progress on the broken air conditioner and the broken sway bar bracket. I helped Pat weed Ann’s front garden. Then I got some writing in. So much fun getting things done.

8/3/21 – Still Good
I was so worried that yesterday was a fluke, but I still have energy and drive today. Picked up the sway bar bracket from the Ford dealer. It fits!

8/4/21 – No More Sway
I finally finished fixing the anti-sway bar on the RV. Now waiting for the parts to, maybe, fix the air conditioner. 

Driving today the largest fox I have ever seen ran across the road. Just now the were deer across the street. We are in natureland.