Tom Week - Allentown To Wormtown

wooden bear

7/22/21 – Driving Here In Allentown
How could I not have the Billy Joel song in my head while driving through Allentown PA? Unfortunately I don’t know the words, so Pat looked them up and read them to me. That’s not a happy song.

7/23/21 – Pen To Paper
Or rather, keyboard to screen. I’ve been working on a story for a long time, but just in my head. Today I wrote the first scene. It’s only a couple paragraphs, but it makes the story so much more real to me.

7/24/21 – Slow Traffic Day
Connecticut sucks. Pennsylvania and New York traffic were nothing. All of Connecticut was stop and go. It was exhausting.

Even getting into the campground was slow. The problem here was the campground shares an entrance with the amusement park which is having a Christmas in July event this weekend.

7/25/21 – Confused Rain
Last night the weatherman said there would be thunderstorms today, starting about 3PM. Instead we got heavy rain last night and no rain today. 

My new short story, maybe novella, is going wonderfully badly. I’m writing scenes that so far make no sense in any sort of story structure. Rewriting will be fun.

7/26/21 – Ann and Jenn’s
We are here, for some undefined amount of time. It will be nice to see everyone. The stampede of deer running by the house was frightening.

7/27/21 – Lazy Day
I picked up the rental car today. That’s pretty much the extent of my accomplishments today.