Tom Week - Adventuring


10/28/2021 – Cycling On The Interstate

This was not the plan. I started out on neighborhood roads. These fed into a country highway. Then suddenly I was on an on-ramp. I almost turned around but there were signs stating that it was a bike route. 

In fact it was three bike routes. It was part of state routes 3 and 7, and part of the East Coast Greenway. 

So I kept going and soon I was on this huge bridge. The shoulder remained large and there really wasn’t that much traffic. I made it all the way across and wandered around New Bern for a while. I got a picture of the store where Pepsi was created.

The ride back was pretty much the same. According to Starva, the bike tracking site, a lot of people ride the route I just rode. So I guess I’m not crazy.

10/29/2021 – Dog Park Success

I finally timed the walk to the dog park correctly. There were 7 other dogs there. Spencer had a great time sniffing and being sniffed. He thought the humans should have pet him more though.

10/30/2021 – Campground Of The Dead

In sub-conscious preparation for Halloween we are parked at yet another campground with a cemetery. This one has graves from the 1800’s. 

10/31/2021 – A Halloween Missed

We were in so many campgrounds that had early Halloween that we weren’t prepared for. So then we prepared and here we are, on actual Halloween and there are no kids in sight. Spencer and I went for a romp in the cemetery though. That was fun.

11/1/2021 – Creepy Neighbor

We pulled into the Myrtle Beach KOA and were hooking up when a man came by and said, “You’re back.” People recognizing our RV is nothing new, but we haven’t been here in years and he also remembered Tonya and that we had a Cocker Spaniel. That’s creepy.

11/2/21 – The Day Of Perfect Weather

Weather-wise there are good days and bad days, but every once in a while there are perfect days. Today was such a day.

My bike ride on this perfect day brought me once again to The East Coast Greenway. I’ve no ridden on this trail in three different states.

11/3/21 – Fuddruckers!

The weather turned cold and blustery today. Yet, I ventured out on my bike to pick up lunch at Fuddruckers. It was an effort but after taking one bite of the sirloin sandwich I was convinced it was totally worth it.