Tom Week - Adventures

11/18/21 – New Experiences

As long as we’ve been on the road we still manage to find an RV park unlike any other. From the road it looked very claustrophobic, but we have a waterfront spot with plenty of room. The view isn’t beachfront though. 

We are facing a boat dock. To our right are the diesel fuel tanks and fish cleaning station. The fish smell attracts wrens, vultures and lizards. Oh my. There are also allegedly manatees in the river, and Pat got a picture of a big snake out on the water.

11/19/21 – Florida Swamp Land

I went for a bike ride today in what appeared on the map to be a suburban neighborhood. It was not. It was miles of mostly unpaved roads with maybe three houses per mile. The few paved roads were nice and flat with no traffic. It was a wonderful riding spot.

So I looked it up and this area was started in the 50’s selling swampland to unexpected outsiders. At least three companies tried and failed to develop the area. Most of the land is still for sell for about $7000 an acre. One house, with an acre of land, can be had for $15,000. 

11/20/21 – Ignore The Internet

This morning I did a stupid thing. I looked up the crime rate for the town we’re in. Currently the rate of violent crime is a mere 4 times the national average. A few years ago though, it was over 300 times the national average. There are definitely some evil forces here. We leave tomorrow.

So, for my Well Being class homework I’m supposed to try to be more social. I will try to make next week’s family game night. I’m talking to more people online. The introvert in me is scared.

11/21/21 – Welcome To The Jungle

This place has a much happier vibe than the last, but it’s dark. It’s overcast today and we are surrounded by tall tropical trees and vines. 

Spencer likes it here. Lots of people have dogs and even more people stop to pet him. 

11/22/21 – Still No Gators

We are in a sub-tropical rain forest. Literally. I looked it up. There should be alligators, but I have seen not a one. I talked to other people and they haven’t seen any either. The lake is full of ducks and other birds and they’re acting like there’s nothing to be afraid of. Ducks know these things.

This park is a bit disconcerting. It’s been over 48 hours since we’ve heard any gunshots.

11/23/21 – The Monkeys Did It

Last night I came across a hollow tree full of rocks. It was such an odd sight that I had to look it up on the internet. Turns out, you guessed it, the monkeys did it. Yes, there are wild monkeys in Jacksonville Florida. They were brought there in the 1930’s for some reason. 

Back to the rocks. Several species of monkeys put, or rather, throw rocks into hollow trees. Some researchers say it’s a religious ritual. Jane Goodall says it’s a game they play.

Unfortunately, we did not see any monkeys, but we did here them. I looked up a sound that we thought were birds but it turned out to be the sound that mother rhesus monkeys make when calling their young.

11/24/21 – Cold Again

Near freezing last night. Winter coat dug out again. This is Florida? Where’s Anita Bryant when you need her?