Tom Week - Abandoned

abandoned truck stop

6/17/21 – Abandoned Truck Stop

Right next to the campground is an abandoned truck stop. It was once a gas station, two restaurants and a convenience store. The truck repair place at the end is still open but looks kind of scary. There is still an active truck wash across the street and a whole lot of truck traffic, so I don’t know what would cause it to go under.

6/18/21 – Small Town Traffic

Today we traveled a whole 30 miles. We’re in Tifton GA and the traffic is terrible. For some reason this is the land of cheap gas so EVERYONE gets off the highway for gas. Had I known I would have gone somewhere else.

The park is nice though. Many people have dogs and the pool is open. It’s nice seeing the kids play and I am definitely not watching the hot moms through my binoculars.

6/19/21 – Juneteenth

A great day for a holiday. I first learned about Juneteenth when I move to Iowa in the 90’s. Yes, Iowa.

Lots of rain today, but we missed the brunt of the storm. No tornadoes here. The weathermen are so disappointed. Now I understand what Dead Sarah was talking about.

6/20/21 – Florida

We are finally in Florida. Hopefully we won’t be here long. If all goes well I’ll see a doctor tomorrow. The healing can begin.

6/21/21 – Summer!

Finally got a new Florida doctor. It went well. I’m getting a new drug to help control my blood sugar spikes, and we’re setting up plans for other stuff.

6/22/21 – Waiting Again

My new doctor is going through the crap you have to go through when you need a drug that the insurance companies don’t like to pay for. I should hear somethings tomorrow. If not, I call.

Rained all day. No bike ride. I’m getting stiff.

6/23/21 – Rainy Day

Still waiting to hear back from the doctor and/or pharmacy. It’s a sad and tired kind of day.