The Problem(s) With Job Sites

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I’m semi-retired, but I’ve been considering looking for remote work to get some income for a while. I read an article that PERL was being used again, so I started searching for a PERL programming job. I did not expect the hundreds of results I got. The problem is, almost none of these hundreds of jobs are PERL programming jobs.

Indeed and Linkedin

They both send me jobs every day for my saved searches for PERL. Most of them do not mention PERL anywhere in the job description. They will however, mention either PHP or Python. Apparently any programming language that starts with P are interchangeable.

Does not give me job results that don’t have PERL in them. However, nearly all the PERL references are in lines like, “Should have scripting language experience, like Javascript, PERL, PHP or Python.” So that’s not much better.


Another one with form letter mentions of PERL. The other problem with Dice is they let job posters “update” their posts every day, so I’m getting the same 900-something jobs every day.