The Joy Of Campground Reviews

big yellow truck

Moving every few days as we do, I spend a lot of time reading reviews of RV parks. Not because they are all that helpful, but because they are hilarious.

The park we are in tonight got several reviews complaining about how bad their WIFI is. These reviews were all posted in 2015, when there was no such thing as good WIFI.

The biggest conflict in reviews is the tree people. The people with satellite dishes always complain that there are too many trees. The shade-loving people complain when there aren’t enough trees. Often both groups are complaining about the same park.

Then there are the monsters. Somehow people with 50 foot long trailers, plus tow vehicle, are shocked when a campground built in the 60’s can’t accommodate them. We’re only 30 feet and there are many parks where we don’t fit. I know this because I check before I go there.

The silliest reviews though are the people who complain about how poorly they were treated when they showed up after hours on a holiday weekend Friday night without a reservation and weren’t able to get the kind of spot they wanted. There aren’t many campgrounds that don’t have one of these one star reviews.

Remember folks, think before you Yelp.