You can’t blame the billionaires for taking advantage of tax loopholes. They didn’t write the laws. You can’t even blame the politicians who wrote those laws. They’re all gone, living off the kick-backs they got from the billionaires.

Who we need to blame, and who we need to pressure are the current politicians we elected to fix these things.

A long time ago the government realized that people needed help getting jobs. The billionaires, through bribes and such, convinced the government that if they got tax breaks, they could create more jobs. It worked, at first.

Unfortunately, this initial success led to the government giving the billionaires more and more. In turn the big billionaires returned less and less.

Ronald Reagan was the biggest offender, followed closely by Donald Trump, but both were honest about their intentions. In both cases we must blame the people who should have been stopping them. Progressives and conservatives alike.

So don’t complain to your friends. Complain to YOUR politicians. Tell them that the job creator myth is dead. The government needs those taxes.